Welcome to the wonderful world of Classic Paints. We trust that the following background and information will be sufficiently informative to aid you in making the right decision to join our world.

The business as distributors for a large Cape Town based paint company was started on 1 March 1985. Soon after that, it was decided to not be competitive against the major (and other minor) paint companies, the only road to follow was to manufacture a personal brand of the highest quality lasting paint. The name ‘Classic Paints’ very soon grew into a household name within the Southern Cape area.

With the encouragement and help of one of the leading paint chemists in the country at that time, it was decided to start small, using a 250lt machine with which we would make only one type of paint (an inexpensive PVA) and only 10 drums a week. This very quickly grew into a full-blown factory manufacturing everything from pure acrylics to varnishes and even specialized products such as Flame Retardant Enamels for the SA Navy! They also supplied paint to many property developers, the ATKV in Hartenbos, the Somerset Hospital in Cape Town and many more. The founder passed away in October 2016 and the business voluntary closed doors by the end of 2017.

In January 2018, The Holding Trust, Radebe Trust, 100% shareholder of a newly registerded company, Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd, bought the intellectual property rights, the brand names and the original formulations to continue the legacy of products of the highest quality. Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. was then appointed as sole manufaturer and ditributor of these products. It was authorized in 2020 that Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. can expand its distribution by offering sole Licenses for sale in selected areas.


Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. manufacture, distribute and sell a complete range of products such as high quality Sheen Acrylics, Textured paints, Enamels, Undercoats, Varnishes, Road line Paint, Waterproofing Products and Anti-Fungal Paint. Although the products have been developed for Coastal Areas with its challenges, it performs just as well inland.


As part of the international Colour Works by ICC, the colour mixing department can mix paint of 1048 different colours and shades. These colours have stood the test of time and last. All paint companies reserve the right to their colour coding. Colour matches are done throughout our own range, but colours of other companies will not be matched although similar colours could be suggested. Our Roof Paints are manufactured as our standard colours and last due to not being tinted afterwards.


From the outset it was insisted that the products be of the highest possible standard and that only the best quality raw materials will be purchased from well established companies. Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. associate with the finest Formulating Paint Chemists in the country, ensuring that the products are always of the highest quality. Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. is proud to be able to say that to date its success rate has been phenomenal with excellent comments from the general public, to the builders, contractors, property developers and owners. Our products can be seen on many sites within the Southern Cape area, as can been seen in our gallery.


Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. is most fortunate to have absolutely outstanding employees, both internal and external, who all do a terrific job of caring for the customer's needs by providing everyone with the best. In October 2019 Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. was honored by receiving a Service Excellence Award from Sanlam and The Business Chamber of George.

Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. has been manufacturing and distributing The Highest Quality Hygiene Products, Disinfectants and Sanitization Products for many years as a one-stop shop for the Trade as well as to Retail Customers.

Should there be any further information required, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to the possible opportunity of being of service to you and assure you of our best quality and attention at all times.